Cy-Fair Helping Hands gives car to client laid off due to COVID-19

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While some observed April Fools’ Day, one Cy-Fair Helping Hands client felt more grateful than gullible on April 1 after the nonprofit gifted her a new car, allowing her to travel to her new job.

Cy-Fair Helping Hands helps homeless and in-need families with resources such as food and housing. A couple contacted Cy-Fair Helping Hands wanting to donate a car they were not using to a client.

Jean Dreyer, CFHH founder and executive director of homeless initiatives, said that the car recipient, Tiffany—whose last name was not disclosed to maintain client confidentiality—had recently been laid off due to COVID-19 precautions and mandates.

“A mom with four small children (was) struggling to keep a job because she has no transportation,” Dreyer said. “She tried taking Uber back and forth to work but soon realized that it was taking nearly everything she made to pay Uber. She found a job within walking distance from where she worked, but then COVID-19 mandates began, and she was laid off.”

Tiffany recently found another position after being laid off, but the job was farther than she was able to travel without a car.

“The necessary paperwork for transferring the vehicle and acquiring insurance was completed,” Dreyer said. “As is always true, God’s timing is perfect.”

The vehicle was presented to the client, who was scheduled to start her new job on Thursday.

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