Join us in our mission of offering hope to the homeless and hungry.

This season, give a gift that helps provide for fundamental needs for the homeless and hungry in our community. Make giving a lasting part of your family’s legacy. 

Thanksgiving Blessing Box

A Thanksgiving Blessing Box contains all the ingredients necessary for families in need to serve a Thanksgiving Feast at their home for their family. Turkey and all the…

Christmas Gifts for Homeless Students – Cards of Hope

Did you know that CFISD has hundreds of homeless students in attendance? Help provide a holiday gift to a homeless high school or middle school student.

Emergency Shelter for 1 week

The streets are a dangerous place to call home, especially for families with young children. This gift provides emergency shelter for a family of 4 people for one week.

Toilet Paper & Cleaning Supplies

Did you know that food stamps do not cover these items? Motels also do not replenish these items. Help us provide these essentials for a family of 4 for a month.

Various Needs

Provide assistance with various needs like first aid supplies. We help meet these needs by keeping a few Walmart, Kroger, or HEB gift cards on hand.


Sometimes, our clients are on the right track but just need a little boost to help them get to work! Your donation will provide gas expenses.

Food Pantry Client Christmas

Your gift will bless a family with a little bit of extra holiday cheer!

1 Day of Food

Help us serve this fundamental need in our community.

Medical Expenses

Our homeless clients have medical needs, but in many cases, they do not have funds or insurance coverage to access the healthcare that they need. 

Toiletries for 1 Month

Did you know? Personal hygiene is a way that our clients (and EVERYONE) can protect themselves and others from illness.

Security Deposit & Application Fees

Making the transition from being homeless to housed is a very big deal! Your gift can help a family pay the security deposit and application fees needed to make this transition possible.

1 Semester of College Scholarship Funds

The best way to attack homelessness is by providing a way out for the young people. Your gift will provide for a 1 semester scholarship to community college for a homeless…