Homeless Services

Homeless Prevention

Homeless Services has recently relocated to 9606 Kirkton Dr. Houston, TX 77095.  When possible, we ask that donations for the homeless, such as Compassion Bags, Sack Lunches, clothing, etc., be delivered to the Kirkton address.  Homeless Services accepts deliveries on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30 am until 12 noon.  Please contact Randi Lewis at Randi@cyfairhelpinghands.org or Jean Dreyer at Jean@cyfairhelpinghands.org to schedule deliveries at other times.

After many years of battling homelessness, we know how long and hard the fight can be. We also know that the best thing to do is to stop homelessness before it begins by stabilizing the most vulnerable with our Homeless Prevention Programs.

Emergency Shelter Program

Provides shelter for qualifying families with children, homeless teens, and disabled individuals over 60. This program helps families transition out of homelessness.  It is almost impossible to hold a job while living in a vehicle or a tent with little access to proper hygiene, laundry facilities, or adequate sleeping conditions.  While living in a hotel room is not ideal, it allows the adults in a family to hold a job and move toward self-sufficiency. Each year dozens of families transition out of homelessness due to this program.

Scholarship Program

Provides vocational scholarships to high school seniors for expedited entry into the workforce to end the cycle of homelessness.  This program is for the unprivileged student who is struggling academically but demonstrates an aptitude and interest in pursuing a vocational career.

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Homeless Outreach

Building Bridges with Relationships


Street Outreach

Multiple outreach teams go out weekly to meet with and build relationships with people who live on the streets.  These visits aim to identify and assist those willing to make the effort required to modify their lifestyle. 



Homeless Day Center

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the homeless are invited to our offices as a place of respite from the stresses of homelessness.  While they are our guests, they may shower, get a free health check, apply for housing, enjoy fellowship, worship, and a hot meal.

Homeless Teen Initiative

The number of homeless students in CFISD comes as quite a shock. Although these students may look nothing like the man living under a bridge, it is true that homelessness is an issue for many in our community. Through a partnership with school counselors and social workers, we have programs in place to address some of the common needs that these students have.



Provides quick meals, snacks, & other necessities for homeless students by placing bins filled with food in every high school and ALC within CFISD.  We have found that teens often will not take advantage of free meals or other services that may indicate they are underprivileged or they may not have adequate food at home.  By placing food items in counselors’ offices, we discreetly provide food and other supplies to teens in need. 

Upward Progress

Pays class fees, graduation expenses, extracurricular expenses, dual credit fees, etc., for homeless and underprivileged students.  Many teens would miss out on the opportunity to participate in classes such as photography, FFA, cosmetology, and other courses that require fees and equipment.  We provide funds for prom fees, graduation expenses and have purchased animals and supplies for FFA students. 

Cards of Hope

Provides gift cards to teens during the holiday season.  Working with CFISD staff members and community partners, we gift homeless high school and middle school students with $50 gift cards for Christmas.  These cards are the only gifts many of the teens receive during the holiday season.  The teens often use the card to purchase food for the family holiday or presents for their younger siblings.