Putting “God First,” we make it a point to pray each day before we open our doors. One morning, we were still scrambling to set out food, when our first client walked in. A petite Hispanic woman, she had rarely said more than a few words in halting English. Realizing that we had not yet prayed, I asked our client if she would be willing to join us and perhaps lead us in prayer. As we all joined hands and bowed our heads, she closed her eyes and began praying earnestly in Spanish, expressing her gratitude to God for his love, for those that donated the food to the pantry, for the volunteers that were so kind and caring, and for the beautiful day. With each word, her voice strengthened with conviction, and although I was the only Spanish speaker on staff, it was obvious that her prayer had touched each of us deeply. As she ended her prayer, and we added our “amens,” there was a warm smile on each face in the prayer circle. – Submitted by Pat Hudson

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