Metta’s Local Eats biannual fundraising event kicks off to benefit Cy-Fair Helping Hands

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After a successful event last fall despite COVID-19 restrictions, Metta’s Local Eats is partnering with more than 30 restaurants in the Cy-Fair area again to raise money for the local nonprofit Cy-Fair Helping Hands.

Metta’s Local Eats Dine Out For Charity began April 1, inviting members of the Cy-Fair community to dine in or take out food from local restaurants in order to raise money for CFHH, a nonprofit focused on helping homeless and struggling families in the Cy-Fair area.

This year’s event, organized by Metta Archilla and other cofounders of the Metta’s Local Eats group — the 6,300 member “food and fellowship” based Facebook group established in 2017 — will feature more restaurants, all of which are offering specific items that will contribute toward a donation to CFHH. Last year, the event raised $27,665.

On Metta’s Local Eats foodie group partners with Cy-Fair Helping Hands to help the homeless and hungry

Participating restaurants include returning partner Andy’s Kitchen, which is offering fish and chips as their select item as well as newcomers like Angels’ Churros and Chocolate, a local coffee shop offering an 8-pack of churros for their select item.

“Together we strive to unite through food and fellowship while helping the hungry and homeless in Cypress and the surrounding areas,” Archilla said. “Please consider dining at all of these local Cypress and surrounding restaurants now through June 30, and join the fight against hunger and homelessness.”

More restaurants are being added to the Dine Out For Charity event as the event progresses.

Patricia Hudson, co-director of Cy-Fair Helping Hands, said the Dine Out For Charity event is not only good for CFHH, but a boon for local residents who may not be aware of new or locally owned restaurants in Cy-Fair, like Creekwood Grill or Just Love Coffee.

“The most important thing is we have some new partnering restaurants and artisan bakeries,” she said. “The big thing for us is that people know this program exists and they need to take advantage of all the great offers in all of these places. Sometimes people don’t know, or aren’t aware, of the different food in Cy-Fair.”

The event also brings awareness to the mission of CFHH, Hudson said, as one of the only homelessness-based nonprofit organizations in the area. The funding from Dine Out for Charity contributes to the food pantry and social services provided by CFHH.

“We’re working more with homeless teens and their families,” she said. “That’s an eye-opening number when you see how many are actually homeless in Cy-Fair ISD. We are connecting with those families. As a result of Metta’s Local Eats Dine Out for Charity, we’re able to provide things like scholarships for several homeless teens.”

With their previous $10,000 goal blown out of the water, Metta’s Local Eats is looking to grow the event every occasion, with the next event taking place this fall.

Hudson said the recognition of CFHH is important, as are the funds raised for the organization.

On Local restaurant community raises more than $27,000 for Cy-Fair Helping Hands

“Many people don’t know, or didn’t know what Cy-Fair Helping Hands does,” Hudson said. “But there aren’t a lot of nonprofits in this area that serve the homeless. …People don’t realize that there isn’t much (housing) available, especially in this area of Houston. It’s very difficult.”


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